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What do you look for in babywear?

What do you look for in babywear?


When I got pregnant and started to search for infant clothing, the first thing in my mind was to avoid synthetic materials.

I decided to choose natural fibers because they regulate body temperature, absorb moisture and prevent skin irritations. They also stretch well so babies can play and nap in comfort.

When choosing baby clothes, I also wanted to make sure they were durable and machine washable so each piece could keep its form and beauty after frequent washes.

For my own wardrobe, I tend to have classic pieces that don't go out of fashion quickly. Just the same way, I preferred to purchase classic pieces with a little bit of vintage touch for my son, too.

Had my baby around the same time I started my knitwear business back in 2006. Created each garment as if tailoring it for my son.

Check out the details on this natural fiber infant toddler cardigan (in the picture) from our heirloom collection. It's handmade with lightweight Cotton & Bamboo.

Texture is breathable and gentle on skin. Collar and chest are knitted in pearl brioche pattern to give a cushioned feel. The rest of the body along with sleeves are crafted in versatile zig zag stitch for a flowy look.

Mini strawberry buttons complete the charm. 

"Irresistibly Cute Baby Cardigan" comes in two colors, Beige with Brown trim and Ivory with Orange trim (in the picture). Available sizes are from 6-12M to 3T.

Machine washable for easy care.

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