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Have you been busy lately?

Have you been busy lately?

Have you been busy lately?

Clocked up with Christmas hustle-bustle?

What if you and I slip off for a quick journey now?

Come with me for a short visit to Istanbul, the ancient city known as the cradle of civilizations. Right at the cross-roads of continents where Europe meets Asia.

Let’s go to the Anatolian side of town to see Mrs. Hale Yaya, a young-at-heart grandma. A retired career woman. A creative mind with talented hands. Hale learned how to knit, crochet, sew and weave tapestry from her mom who was devoted to crafting like her great ancestors.

Hale has played a significant role in JuneBee Baby knits since 2006. She helps choose yarns for our unique designs, and instructs our group of artisan moms on needle techniques. She also quality checks our collections, so everything flows in beauty and harmony.

The inspiring aura of arts is like an endless odyssey. It captures your imagination. Refreshes your soul. Cheers you up with joy of life.

Both Hale and I wish you a blissful holiday with your family and friends.

June Sayali 
Founder & Principal


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