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Feeling guilty for being lazy?

Feeling guilty for being lazy?


In the middle of my crazy mid-week rush to finish up daily tasks today, I suddenly stopped and took twelve deep breathes.

Then, I decided to hold on to the urge to get back to the computer.

Instead, I started looking at the beautiful painting on the wall and explored it for half an hour - as if it was something new to me. 

A big challenge I had during my "lazy" time was to stay still - and enjoy the moment rather than thinking about my to do list. 

Oh, boy! It was not easy at all. 

I felt like a programmed robot with the pressure to complete today's agenda but somehow resisted that call and let it go for a while.

Do you ever feel the same? 

Such as feeling guilty because you just want to do nothing and be lazy with your time right in the middle of your fast paced daily work flow? 

Gandhi said "there is more to life than increasing its speed".

I have been thinking about it a lot lately.

Is there ever a way to find balance when it comes to performing well versus taking it easy?

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