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Baby Clothing Basics

Spring is almost here!
  Wow. Another incredibly beautiful day here in Overland Park, KS.  It's 72 degrees full of sunshine and I just want to do my happy dance now!  How is the weather out there in your town today?  Our handsome mini model, Hunter seems to take his nature explorations pretty seriously as per seen in the picture :-) I gave him a wooden train to play and he absolutely loved it. He's carrying the new toy all around and riding it through his imaginary railroads and tunnels through the woods. It's so refreshing to see kids unplugged from electronics and ..
Ready to hop into Spring?
  Robin Williams said Spring is nature's way of saying let's party! We're almost there, folks! Winter will be over within a month. And, I start to feel energized again after long months of cold and snow. Here comes My Energized Bunny baby sweater with not one but two mini rabbit friends jumping in joy. Tiny ladybug buttons complete the fun. This one-of-a-kind heirloom quality piece is hand knitted with earth friendly natural fibers. Texture is soft and breathable so babies can play and nap in comfort. And, crochet bunny pockets are there to hug little..
What do you look for in babywear?
What do you look for in babywear?
The future of the planet is in our hands
  Are you a part of the new "artisan economy"? According to the Intuit Future of Small Business Reports, a "new golden age of small business" is rising! "The 21st Century artisan is a Web designer, or an author, or a manufacturer of a small but exclusive line of products, or a consultant in a niche specialty, or an entrepreneurial-minded attorney who starts selling information products, or an online retailer, or a software developer...and the list goes on." "These next-generation artisans will ply their trade outside the walls of big busine..
Have you been busy lately?
Have you been busy lately? Clocked up with Christmas hustle-bustle? What if you and I slip off for a quick journey now? Come with me for a short visit to Istanbul, the ancient city known as the cradle of civilizations. Right at the cross-roads of continents where Europe meets Asia. Let’s go to the Anatolian side of town to see Mrs. Hale Yaya, a young-at-heart grandma. A retired career woman. A creative mind with talented hands. Hale learned how to knit, crochet, sew and weave tapestry from her mom who was devoted to crafting like her great ancestors. Hale has played a sig..
Heirloom Christening Gowns
Family heirlooms are items that can deeply link one generation of a family to another in a very personal way. It can be any item, like grandpa’s watch, grandma’s hairbrush or even christening gowns passed down from generation to generation. These are treasured items that give us memories of what the lives of our ancestors have been like and provide us with a richer understanding of our family line. A lot of us these days may not have the privilege of being handed down heirloom christening gowns that have been used for generations. However, this should not sadden you. Instead, ..
Why Natural Fiber Baby Clothing?
When buying clothes for your child, you likely consider size, comfort, appearance and price. But there is one thing you leave out – the fabric of the clothes – which is as crucial as the rest of the factors if not more important. More and more parents are now shifting to natural fibers when it comes to their babies’ clothes. Natural fiber clothing is simply made from natural materials such as cotton, bamboo linen, silk, wool, cashmere and hemp. Cotton, wool or bamboo baby clothes contain 100% natural fiber and have zero synthetic or chemical subs..
  Bringing home a new baby is a welcomed change. What may not be very welcomed is the havoc it is going to cause to the family’s budget. Regardless of all the added expenses though, nothing can beat the happiness and joy that a newborn brings to a family. Actually, what imposes havoc isn’t all because there is a new baby. A lot of times what causes the mayhem with the family’s budget is that the parents, especially the first time ones, rush out to the stores and buy almost everything that they see. Among those, baby clothes are one of the things that they overspend ..
  Expecting a newly added member to the family? Or just simply trying to figure out what the best gift is to give a niece, nephew, godchild or a friend’s new baby? Do not fret nor panic! For some people, picking a gift is a serious job. It may require effort and a lot of thinking plus budgeting but to others it may come as naturally as learning how to walk or talk. Handmade baby clothing may be the perfect choice for something like this. As the market is now filled with items such as handmade baby clothing, not only will it make it easier for you to choose the right gift, yo..
  It has been said many times how one-of-a-kind handmade baby clothing is. Whether you get it from a store that specializes in them or personally made them, the word that best describes these items is “unique”. There is a increasingly exclusive approach to fashionable children’s clothing nowadays, and that is the booming market of handmade baby clothing. Parents have taken a liking to handmade baby clothing for their children because it gives out a personal sense of style that not every child can sport. One thing about handmade baby clothing that gives it an edge..