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Get Your Kid To Behave Without Resorting To Time-Outs, Sticker Charts, Or Bribes!
You may be laboring under the delusion that making your kid sit in the corner or bribing them with “treats” are molding them into model citizen on the playground. The more likely answer is that it’s molding you into a control freak. Ross W. Greene, a clinical child psychologist and author of Raising Human Beings, says that your endless series of carrots and sticks (or, if it’s snack time, carrot sticks) isn’t going to yield the behavior that you want. But treating your parent/child relationship like a collaboration might. Gree..
Your Kid is a Brat, and It is Your Fault
I hate to be the one to tell you this, but your kid is kind of a brat. Yes, yours. She’s whiney and always seems to get whatever she wants. I know you are trying to be a good parent. Your own parents weren’t exactly attentive. They didn’t know where you were half the time. Your dad, for example, didn’t know you played the flute. He didn’t know you were in the marching band. Your mom had to work a lot and missed most of your field hockey games. And sometimes she was late picking you up after practice because she forgot. But you’re not like tha..
The Diet Advice One Breastfeeding Mom Took That Almost Killed Her Baby
Although one breastfeeding mom presumably had the best intentions when she modified her diet, the decision almost left her child dead. After her infant son developed severe eczema, the 33-year-old woman from Sydney, Australia, who hasn't been identified, went to a naturopath for help treating his condition. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, this provider of alternative medicine advised the new mom, who is also a maternity ward nurse, to begin a raw food diet. Marilyn Bodnar eventually told the mom to start a "water-only" diet even though she was ex..
Postpartum hair loss and other things about being a baby mom!
We all know the first six weeks of having a baby are hard. Those early weeks are kind of like riding on a tilt-a-whirl at an amusement park, where the people around you are simultaneously laughing and screaming, and you’re constantly oscillating between feelings like: This is so fun! Let’s keep the ride going forever! and Please make it stop RIGHT NOW! But did you know that being a baby mom is hard after the first six weeks, too?! Well, of course you knew that, but I forgot. I’m approaching the 10-month mark with my second baby, and while I’m..
Stay-At-Home Moms Are Allowed to Have Bad Days!
Teaching my kids that having a bad day isn’t the same as having a bad life: My main career right now is being a mom. My other career is being a writer. This week I told my husband that if I had a career that didn’t allow me to work from home, I seriously would have considered going “back to work” after the week I had at home with my two kids. I’m allowed to have a bad week. I’m allowed to honor and recognize that this is, by far, the hardest job I’ve ever had. I’m allowed to occasionally complain about my “job” just like anyo..
Red Flags in Child Development: An Early Intervention Guide
  Is my Baby delayed?  Does my Baby have a problem? These are questions parents frequently ask in relation to their newborn, baby, or toddler.  This is an article compiling some of the “Red Flags” that indicate that there MIGHT be a problem.  “Red Flags” are warning signs that there may be delays in development or something more serious that warrants further investigation. Red Flags are a signal to parents and care providers that they should initiate a discussion with their pediatrician.  Multiple Red Flags are a strong indicator ..