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Banishing Mother Guilt to Find Joy
Being perfect is boring. Being our original, badass, real-life selves is glorious. Every time I catch myself internally harping on my failings, I stop. I observe where this feeling is coming from. I give myself permission to feel whatever emotional sensation that’s moving through me, even the uglier ones that I’d rather not experience, but then I’m careful to understand that just because an emotion is real, it doesn’t mean that it’s the truth about my life or who I am. It’s exactly like when my daughter told me she’s scared to go to her new, big-kid..
6 Things Besides the Environment I Started Caring More About After Having Kids!
Having children changed me, even without my meaning for this to happen. I hang out with two little kids all day long, and it’s impossible for this not to shape me. I care more about some things than ever before—ingredients in store-bought foods, public schools and education—and I care a lot less about other things. Six things I started caring about after having kids: 1. Rory Gilmore’s love life. I didn’t watch television before having kids, aside from Seinfeld reruns and football, and the occasional food documentary. Now, however, I have a much needed ..
I’m Not the Best Mom
A couple of days ago I had what some might call an “off day.” I’d call it a total cluster of insanity! I was throwing together sandwiches and snacks for the kids to eat in the car on the way to soccer practice, I was on the phone with my editor who needed a project done four days earlier than anticipated, the dog was running around the house with a treasured stuffed animal in his mouth and I was on the brink of a breakdown. I admit it. There was yelling. By more than one of us. We got to soccer practice and once my kid was out on the field and my other kid was park..
Motherhood is a Verb
This is such a sweet guest post from Rachel about the reality of mothering a newborn. (I have totally been there with the projectile poo.) If I’ve learned anything about motherhood so far, it’s this:   Motherhood is like a clay sculpture. The big moments and milestones may define its basic shape, but the real artistry emerges from the trenches—and the minutia—of daily living. The true beauty of motherhood is meticulously molded from hundreds of little moments—those humbling (and often hilarious) acts of day-to-day mothering. After all, the word &l..
I Would Love to See Us All Embrace the Loud Women
  There’s this meme that flies around Facebook every now and then that bugs the shit out of me. It’s supposed to be an introvert’s brain, and it’s this line that swiggles around in some form of, I guess, thinking pattern, that makes no real sense as to why it’s an introvert’s, unless, I suspect, you’re either an introvert, or a thinker. I was always the loud girl. I was the girl who friends told at my-first-slumber-parties that I was bossy. (Usually said in a soda-fueled chaos, equivalent to one-too-many-glasses-of-wine overnights a fe..
My Body After Baby: A Map That Leads To Us
  Undressing for a shower, I catch a glimpse of myself postpartum in the mirror. Normally, I quickly glance away and get back to business. I know I am not physically where I would like to be. But this time, I pause for a long overdue look-over. It has been six months since the birth of my beautiful baby—six months, and not much has changed. Here I am alone and exposed for my eyes to see. Outside of this bathroom, there is a world wanting me to trim it up, suck it in, brush over and push it up. But in here, face to face with myself, there is a different story being told. This..