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Parents Need to Talk About This! Athletic greatness, handsome good looks, brainy grades—parents freely brag about these attributes and achievements of our kids. I hear about how great so-and-so is at this particular sport, or how smart she is, or, even with tiny toddlers, how many words they already speak, or how much they’re already moving around. I wish we valued kindness this way. I see articles shared on Facebook about how to raise creative children, how to raise independent thinkers, or how to encourage genius. Over and over again, we ..
How To Respond When Your Child is Disrespectful
  Are you struggling to stop your little one’s disrespectful attitudes and feeling hopeless after trying countless discipline tips? Here is solid practical advice by Parent Coach, Nicole Schwarz to “decode” the behavior and make your family life happy-sunny soon!   The playdate is over. It is time to head home. You gave a 5-minute warning.  You expect everything to go well. Suddenly, it happens. Your child responds disrespectfully. “No! I don’t want to go! You never let me do anything fun!” You feel the anger rising inside yo..
4 Signs You're Burnt Out as a Mom
    As a work-at-home mom who try to balance family and small business to my best ability, I loved reading this article written by  Laura Liftshitz. Excellent analysis and tips to manage the stress better.   Burnt out (adj.): A state in which you are mentally unable to handle any more stress. A state in which your energy and mental resources are depleted.   We all have moments in time in which we feel stressed, but sometimes we don't even realize how burnt out we are even if others around us can see that we are. Being a burnt-out mom is not o..
The Importance of Playing Like a Kid
This lovely article from Jennifer S. White brings me sweet childhood memories and cozy hugs from the past!   Prioritizing pretend play in childhood—and beyond: It’s a cold Saturday, my husband’s at work, and my two children and I are holed up in the house. We break out the play food that the girls’ aunt made for them. I’m blown away by these handcrafted, wool-felted pieces—pepper rings, pepperoni, a burger, jelly, bread, buns, pizza sauce, two kinds of cheese, bologna, pizza crusts, watermelon, a dill pickle, bow-tie pasta, a fried egg, lett..
25 Ways to Calm an Upset Child
A very special article to read and share! Thanks to Rebecca Eanes, the Founder of Positive Parents.   The first step in teaching children how to manage their emotions is learning to manage our own. If adults are easily upset and thrown off balance, their children will usually follow suit. Growing ourselves may be the hardest part of parenting. Many of us are simultaneously learning new skills and trying to teach them to our children.   In The Newbie’s Guide to Positive Parenting, I discuss the importance of owning our feelings and actions in chapter 6 and list ..
Have you been busy lately?
Have you been busy lately? Clocked up with Christmas hustle-bustle? What if you and I slip off for a quick journey now? Come with me for a short visit to Istanbul, the ancient city known as the cradle of civilizations. Right at the cross-roads of continents where Europe meets Asia. Let’s go to the Anatolian side of town to see Mrs. Hale Yaya, a young-at-heart grandma. A retired career woman. A creative mind with talented hands. Hale learned how to knit, crochet, sew and weave tapestry from her mom who was devoted to crafting like her great ancestors. Hale has played a sig..