• Dress Your Baby in Healthy Cotton Bamboo Clothing

Why Choose JuneBee Baby, Inc.


What happens when a baby comes to your life?

Well, peace and panic arrives all at once to your surprise. 

And, the parenthood roller-coaster takes you to countless questions. 

Day and night.

Is this soother the right choice? Is it safe?
Can I trust this baby food or that soap?
Will this jumper not cause a skin rash?

As a mom, I always searched for the best for my son.

Determined to bring health and comfort arm in arm, I created a baby and earth friendly clothing line.

So, you can put your mind at ease when you dress up your little one. 



Cotton Bamboo Natural Fibers 

Turkish cotton comes from the West part of Turkey – the Aegean area where the sunny climate offers an ideal environment to grow quality cotton  The characteristics of Turkish cotton include durability, softness, natural shine and extreme absorbency.

Bamboo is a renewable resource as it regenerates itself. It also requires less energy and water to grow than other similar trees and plants used for fiber production, making it an eco-friendly choice. As a natural resource, bamboo cleans the air. Because of its root structure and rapid growth, it also reclaims the land destroyed by overgrazing and quickly eliminates the soil of toxins.

All JuneBee Baby infant and toddler knitwear is 50% Cotton and 50% Bamboo. These biodegradable and breathable natural fibers regulate body temperature, absorb moisture, prevent skin irritations and can stretch generously, so little kids can play and nap in health and comfort for four seasons.

Cotton Bamboo infant and toddler clothing is machine washable, so it saves time, too.   


Fair Trade Handmade Baby Clothing

Fair Trade Baby Clothing

JuneBee Baby garments are made by women artisans in the city of Istanbul, Turkey. They have various backgrounds from college students and stay-home moms to grandmothers.

As a work from home mom, I enjoy working with these gifted ladies and giving them the opportunity to work flexible schedules while earning proper incomes.

Each JuneBee Baby master has her individual technique such as “pivot knitting” which minimizes motion while increasing knitting speed, or “armpit form” – keeping one needle motionless under the arm to achieve neatness. Some prefer the ancient Turkish “around the neck” method to balance the rhythmic pressure on hands with the upper body and maintain a smooth stitching flow.

Our knitting masters are all skillful in their own way, creating a variety of patterns such as cabled feather knots, trinity stitches, mock honeycombs, twisted ribs, woven herringbones and lace crochets.

Our crafters have learned how to knit, crochet, sew and weave tapestry from their moms who in turn learned from their great ancestors. Their craftsmanship and devotion make JuneBee Baby garments so special.


Heirloom Quality for Generations

Heirloom Quality Baby Knits

I value longevity.

So, I proudly support the “slow fashion” movement, choosing craftsmanship over fast production.

In today’s rush world, it’s a breath of fresh air to raise awareness on clothing with integrity. This evolution brings eco-consciousness and ethical labor to every step from planting, manufacturing, and shopping to recycling.

Our baby wear is knitted without any use of machines. Each knitwear from the collection is durable, cherishing babies within the family and even passing through generations. Touch these garments and feel a connection to the artisans who created them with patience and pleasure.

The timeless designs of JuneBee Baby stand out from fast fashion lines and treasure your baby like in the good old days.

Would you like to join moms who have trusted JuneBee Baby’s sustainable wardrobe to dress up their angels since 2006?