• Dress Your Baby in Healthy Cotton Bamboo Clothing

Our Story

Baby Cloth


Are you in search for the right baby clothes?

Healthy for your little angel. Friendly to earth.  

I fulfilled a wish for you.

I travelled to Istanbul, explored the city for Turkish yarns from natural fibers; and picked up the silky soft blends of breathable Cotton Bamboo.

Then, I teamed up with local artisans to craft mini wardrobes with love.

Vintage designs and authentic motifs, hand stitched with traditional needles.

No touch of machines.

A timeless collection of stylish knits for infants and toddlers.

Eco-elegant. Durable. Gentle to skin. 

Fair trade handmade by talented moms.


JuneBee Baby was born the same year my son joined the family.

I took care of them both to grow with delicate care.

And I created each garment as if tailoring it for my son.

I choose naturally airy, flexible Cotton Bamboo to absorb body moisture and stretch easily, so babies can enjoy play and nap times in full comfort. 

I design clothes to last for years, so each heirloom piece can be passed on through generations. 

As symbols of precious memories, cherished in style. 

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Wish you a sunny day.


About June Sayali, Founder of JuneBee Baby, Inc.

"Being an only child pushed my imaginations to entertain myself for hours from crafting cartoon paper dolls and dresses to drawing whimsical characters for the stories I visualized at nights.

The journey got even better when our immigrant neighbor from Crete Island started to teach me her stitching techniques and historic knitting patterns. Bonded with my new hobby, I made a cozy blanket for my toy puppy, dressed my parents with colorful scarves and prepared pretty sweater gifts for newborns of the family and friends. My childhood years are full of cushy memories producing works of art.

At college, I designed and knitted sweaters for a company in Europe. Following graduation, I jumped into the corporate world but always kept a pair of needles and yarns at home for peaceful escapes.     

Years later, around the time I was expecting,

I decided to start an eco-knitwear line for infants and toddlers.   

I support the “slow fashion” movement, an alternative to mass produced clothing of fast passing trends. Believe in conscious purchases to reduce environmental footprint.

Choose natural fabrics. Praise artisanship. Value quality over quantity.

I feel healthier and more connected to the universe when I slow down

and treasure loving moments of motherhood with my son."