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Feeling guilty for being lazy?
  In the middle of my crazy mid-week rush to finish up daily tasks today, I suddenly stopped and took twelve deep breathes. Then, I decided to hold on to the urge to get back to the computer. Instead, I started looking at the beautiful painting on the wall and explored it for half an hour - as if it was something new to me.  A big challenge I had during my "lazy" time was to stay still - and enjoy the moment rather than thinking about my to do list.  Oh, boy! It was not easy at all.  I felt like a programmed robot with the pressure to complete ..
Should I go on or slow down?
  Today is Friday and I am thinking about my pending "to-do" list.  Then I start to question myself - how much should I push myself to get it all done? When it comes to completing tasks both at home and work - back to back - how much is too much?  Should I stay or should I go? :-) How about you? How fast is your life moving? Do you happen to feel guilty when you slow down?       ..
6 Ways to Stop Sabotaging Yourself and Be An Even Better Mother
    “You suck at this.” It’s your smug inner voice again. Every mother is plagued by it, and it fuels your fire of self-doubt. Again. “You’re a failure.” Sometimes you’re strong enough to ignore it. Other times, it cuts so deep you bleed tears.       Your vision of motherhood is not the same as your reality. You want to be a good mom. But you’re no schmuck. You heard that being a parent is hard. You were ready. Then parenthood whacked you senseless and laughed on its way out the ..
The future of the planet is in our hands
  Are you a part of the new "artisan economy"? According to the Intuit Future of Small Business Reports, a "new golden age of small business" is rising! "The 21st Century artisan is a Web designer, or an author, or a manufacturer of a small but exclusive line of products, or a consultant in a niche specialty, or an entrepreneurial-minded attorney who starts selling information products, or an online retailer, or a software developer...and the list goes on." "These next-generation artisans will ply their trade outside the walls of big busine..
A Toddler’s Version of a Typical Morning With Mom
Wake up with the sun. Or, preferably, two hours before any sign of it. Request fruit snacks. Wait, I don’t think Mom heard me—I asked for fruit snacks. Scream and beat pantry door for several minutes. I wonder why there’s a lock on this door anyway? (Remind myself to repeat this tomorrow, even though I’ve never actually gotten fruit snacks for breakfast.) Ask for a TV show while Mom gets dressed. (Didn’t she wear that yesterday?) Act happy when she puts on what I wanted, but then immediately demand something different as soon as Mom has r..
The Myth of ‘Having It All Together’
I wanted to “have it all together” before I had kids. I wanted to overcome my eating disorder (and I did). I wanted to learn how to love myself. I wanted to finish college. I knew some things were out of reach. My husband was finishing his second Master’s degree when we got pregnant with our first child. We didn’t own a house. We didn’t even know what state we would end up in. I knew my life wasn’t “figured out” or perfect, but I did feel like I had some key elements in place. And then I had kids. And then I was up late. And up early. ..
25 Ways to Say "No" to Your Kids Without Actually Saying No!
  If you have ever found yourself in a scenario with your children in which their whining and crying is coming at you from every direction and you're spitting a million noes at them, you know that's typically an inefficient way of communicating. It's hard to say "no" to our kids, but sometimes we simply have to. For example, instead of screaming, "No," if your child is asking for candy before lunch, offer them a choice to have one piece now or a few pieces after they eat all of their meal. Or if your child is throwing Legos across the room at your hea..
Get Your Kid To Behave Without Resorting To Time-Outs, Sticker Charts, Or Bribes!
You may be laboring under the delusion that making your kid sit in the corner or bribing them with “treats” are molding them into model citizen on the playground. The more likely answer is that it’s molding you into a control freak. Ross W. Greene, a clinical child psychologist and author of Raising Human Beings, says that your endless series of carrots and sticks (or, if it’s snack time, carrot sticks) isn’t going to yield the behavior that you want. But treating your parent/child relationship like a collaboration might. Gree..
Your Kid is a Brat, and It is Your Fault
I hate to be the one to tell you this, but your kid is kind of a brat. Yes, yours. She’s whiney and always seems to get whatever she wants. I know you are trying to be a good parent. Your own parents weren’t exactly attentive. They didn’t know where you were half the time. Your dad, for example, didn’t know you played the flute. He didn’t know you were in the marching band. Your mom had to work a lot and missed most of your field hockey games. And sometimes she was late picking you up after practice because she forgot. But you’re not like tha..
The Diet Advice One Breastfeeding Mom Took That Almost Killed Her Baby
Although one breastfeeding mom presumably had the best intentions when she modified her diet, the decision almost left her child dead. After her infant son developed severe eczema, the 33-year-old woman from Sydney, Australia, who hasn't been identified, went to a naturopath for help treating his condition. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, this provider of alternative medicine advised the new mom, who is also a maternity ward nurse, to begin a raw food diet. Marilyn Bodnar eventually told the mom to start a "water-only" diet even though she was ex..