• Dress Your Baby in Healthy Cotton Bamboo Clothing


What do you look for in babywear?
What do you look for in babywear?
Have you been busy lately?
Have you been busy lately? Clocked up with Christmas hustle-bustle? What if you and I slip off for a quick journey now? Come with me for a short visit to Istanbul, the ancient city known as the cradle of civilizations. Right at the cross-roads of continents where Europe meets Asia. Let’s go to the Anatolian side of town to see Mrs. Hale Yaya, a young-at-heart grandma. A retired career woman. A creative mind with talented hands. Hale learned how to knit, crochet, sew and weave tapestry from her mom who was devoted to crafting like her great ancestors. Hale has played a sig..
Enter to Win a Fair Trade Handmade Baby Poncho!
Woo hoo!!! We're giving away two irresistibly soft, luxuriously comfy baby ponchos in this sweepstakes. Both winners will be selected randomly. The primary winner's friend will be selected as secondary winner so invite your Family & Friends to win together. Sweepstakes will end on 8/16/2015 @11:00pm CST. Naturally soft, light-weight and breathable Cotton & Bamboo clothing allows for better air circulation, which help remove and absorb body moisture, drawing heat away from the skin, and keeping the body cool and clean in all seasons. Babies play and sleep in comfo..
Heirloom Christening Gowns
Family heirlooms are items that can deeply link one generation of a family to another in a very personal way. It can be any item, like grandpa’s watch, grandma’s hairbrush or even christening gowns passed down from generation to generation. These are treasured items that give us memories of what the lives of our ancestors have been like and provide us with a richer understanding of our family line. A lot of us these days may not have the privilege of being handed down heirloom christening gowns that have been used for generations. However, this should not sadden you. Instead, ..
There is so much more to JuneBee Baby than just a bunch of random baby clothes being put together by machines. In an interview with Earnshaw's, June Sayali talks about starting JuneBee Baby, the 2007 line, wholesale baby clothes and an upcoming edition to her own family! Full article text: Firstfashions  Newborn, infant and toddler fashions. By Danielle Saliman Spinning A Yarn Having a business background and mindset, June Sayali, once in international marketing at American Express, knew how to turn her creative hobby and love of knitting into a money-making ..